Meghan Markle recognises former drama teacher in royal wedding crowd

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left St. George’s Chapel in a horse drawn carriage, the newlyweds took to the streets to wave and greet the crowds as they travelled through Windsor.

However, one thing – or rather person – Meghan was probably not expecting to see was her former drama teacher.

Gigi Perreau was amongst the crowds of onlookers in Windsor. 

Meghan Markle recognised her old teacher whilst on the carriage ride with new husband Prince Harry. Source: Getty

In the video above as the newlywed couple raced pass in their carriage, you can see Meghan look shocked as she catches eyes with her 77-year-old drama teacher.

“Oh my God,” the Duchess of Sussex apparently shouts as she recognises her former teacher.

Meghan’s reaction also causes her new husband to turn to look at Gigi just as they shoot past.

Gigi Perreau was left shocked Meghan recognised her. Source: Twitter / Alex Beresford

The camera then pans to Gigi and she looks ecstatic her former student took notice of her in the crowds.

The American teacher taught Meghan at Immaculate Heart High School.

Gigi is a former actress starring in many different roles throughout the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s and received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 1960 for her work in television.

We hope she might receive a call or letter from Meghan after her cameo at the royal wedding.

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