Meghan: A Hollywood Princess


Andrew Morton’s new book, “Meghan: A Hollywood Princess”, tells her compelling story and places her life in context with other American women who have had a dramatic impact on royalty as she forges her way as a truly modern princess.

Meghan, the star of the long-running TV show Suits, is set to refashion the House of Windsor. Her marriage to Prince Harry in May at Windsor Castle is already the most anticipated event of 2018.

The warmth and affection Meghan and Harry displayed during their engagement interview is light years away from the stilted ‘whatever love means’ conversation with Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.

Written as only Morton can, Meghan will delve into:

  • The dramatic and fascinating story of her family lineage, with a branch from the royal bloodline.
  • The challenges of being bi-racial at the Catholic school she attended growing up.
  • Meghan’s thwarted ambitions and rise to stardom, including her stint as a “suitcase girl” on Deal or No Deal.

Her fractured love life – a failed marriage to a fellow actor and the celebrity chef she left him for.

The blind date that led to her destiny…

Meghan Markle, the girl from Woodland Hills, has climbed a social mountain to become a royal princess. Little did she know when she posed for pictures outside Buckingham Palace that one day she would be meeting the Queen and marrying her grandson. This is truly a modern-day fairy tale.

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