Megan Fox Reflected On Dating Brian Austin Green When He Was In His 30s And She Was 18

Megan Fox reflected on the age difference between her and ex-husband Brian Austin Green in a new interview.

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For context, Megan and Brian met in 2004 on the set of the sitcom Hope & Faith — when Megan was 18 and he was around 31. The two married in 2010 and welcomed three children together before splitting for good in 2020.

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Two months ago, Brian said on a podcast that one of the things that led to their divorce was the fact that he began dating her when she was 18, and he already had a son. He said, "She didn't get to experience being a single, young woman at the top of her fucking game. [...] She was really starting to feel the weight of it."

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When asked about whether she agreed with Brian's words on the latest episode of Call Her Daddy with Alex Cooper, Megan replied, "First of all, let me just say, I was not a great girlfriend to Brian. I'll be very honest. He was not great to me either all the time, but I think it would be easy for me to lean into or let it seem like that relationship was one way."

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"I was not great, because I was young and really should not have been in a relationship of that level of commitment and that magnitude. I shouldn't have been involved in that when I was 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 — I shouldn't have been," Megan continued.

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"I did a lot of falling in love with other people all the time. I would go to work and fall in love because I was a kid. I never had the full freedom to be single and experience that life, and I thought for a minute, when I got divorced, that's what I was going to do," Megan explained, alluding to her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. "And then I was single for, like, three weeks. I thought I was going to go Leo DiCaprio for a while."

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Alex then asked Megan why she got married, when it's something that she currently does not want to do. She replied, "Then, I was so unaware of my feelings because I was so much younger. Most of my growth and awareness came after childbirth."

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"[Marriage] was something I did kind of impulsively; it was like an adventure to go on and to do. I had already been with him for so many years at that point," she recalled. "I do feel like, karmically, I was supposed to have those kids with him, of course. I just wasn't looking at myself being like, 'Oh, I'm reenacting my mother's life, I'm carrying my mother's burdens and the things that she projected onto me.'''

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Megan ultimately credits therapy and reading as part of her new perspective. She said, "I got myself which I, of course, found — no shade to Brian — unfulfilling, because inevitably, that was what I was going to do because I was reenacting what I was watching my mother do as a child."

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You can listen to the full episode here.