Meet the woman who lives a 'waste-free' life

A Perth woman who makes her own food, cleaning products and personal care items from scratch says she is living the ultimate ‘waste-free’ life.

Karla Hooper, from Parkerville, claims her do-it-yourself lifestyle is easy to maintain and saves her thousands of dollars.

She also has a rubbish-free home, only needing to take her bin out once a year.

Karla Hooper only takes her bin out once a year. Source: 7 News

Outside, there’s a veggie patch and chickens.

Inside there’s jars, lots of jars.

“Jars are very much the secret,” Ms Hooper said.

“My food cupboard is full of all sorts of different sizes of jars. And they’re all reused, so as soon as whatever we’re eating finishes, we just go and refill it. Things like bread, we use a re-useable bread bag.”

“Jars are very much the secret,” Karla said. Source: 7 News

She makes her own butter, refills empty flagons of wine, and there is no way you’d catch her using a plastic bag.

Her produce bag is made from old curtains bought from an op shop.

When it comes to cleaning products, she uses citrus peels infused in vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner and scrub.

Ms Hooper even makes her own make-up and personal care products.

Karla makes her own hair and beauty products. Source: 7 News

“Started making my own toothpaste which is based from bicarb; deodorant as well,” she said.

“I even use re-washable toilet paper.”

It’s a lifestyle Ms Hooper says is rewarding, easy, and cheap – and she says she is not sacrificing a thing to live the way she does.

“I really don’t [feel I’m sacrificing anything],” she said.

“I feel like this lifestyle really fulfils me.”

Karla describes her waste-free lifestyle as fulfilling. Source: 7 News