Meet The Captain Behind The Viral Canadian Forces Twitter Account

Sima Shakeri
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Capt. Kirk Sullivan has been running the @CAFinUs account since mid-2018.
Capt. Kirk Sullivan has been running the @CAFinUs account since mid-2018.

The official Twitter account for Canadian Forces stationed in the U.S. (@CAFinUS) has been making waves on social media lately.

From a viral post of a photo of Master Seaman Francis Legare kissing his partner Corey Vautour in 2016 as part of efforts to social media efforts to reclaim the term “Proud Boys” from the hate group, to cleverly putting a COVID-19 spin on a retweet sing-a-long with Canadian singer Alanis Morissette, the account’s content is often unforgettable. Its day-to-day tweets commemorate fallen soldiers, share Canadian history — both good and bad — and often offer supportive words or suggestions.

The account is painfully Canadian. “Nice people. Maple syrup,” reads the bio. The pinned post sends love to the U.S. A recent tweet extols the superiority of Montreal bagels.

Capt. Kirk Sullivan is the genius behind the account, and says he doesn’t need to get approval before posting.

“I have the trust of my leadership,” Sullivan said, “which is invaluable, and I’m humbled and appreciate it.”

The 38-year-old Newfoundlander spent six years as a marine engineer for the Royal Canadian Navy, Maclean’s reported. He got an English literature degree in 2012 from the Royal Military College and then started working as a public affairs officer. He’s been running the @CAFinUS account since mid-2018 from the Canadian embassy in Washington and just received a master’s degree in journalism from Georgetown University.

The account, which has over 55,000 followers, gained over 10,000 of them this month alone thanks to Sullivan’s thoughtful tweets, according to social media analytics website...

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