Medicinal cannabis supplier vows to fight

Tim Dornin
Medicinal cannabis supplier vows to fight

An Adelaide woman charged with drug offences over the supply of medicinal cannabis has vowed to continue to fight the allegations and continue her campaign for wider access to the drug.

Jenny Hallam appeared in Adelaide Magistrates Court on Tuesday charged with possessing cannabis and manufacturing a controlled drug.

She was placed on a bail agreement and ordered to appear again on September 8 to answer the charges.

Flanked by a large group of supporters outside the court, Hallam defended her actions.

"We should not be treated like criminals for doing what we're doing to save our lives," she told the gathering.

"Keep fighting, don't give up. Keep doing what you need to do to keep yourselves alive.

"We will defy until they comply. Because I will not watch one more person die.

"No more, enough is enough."

Access to medicinal cannabis has been legal in South Australia for some time but it can only be prescribed by doctors under certain circumstances.

Proponents say, for some people, getting hold of suitable products remains difficult.

Hallam's home at Hillier, in Adelaide's north, was raided by police in January but she was not charged with drug offences until three months later.

In a video she posted online before Tuesday's court appearance she said she was still hopeful the charges would be dropped.

An online petition with more than 2500 signatures has also called for the case to be dropped and for Hallam to be allowed to continue to provide her "patients" with medicine until proper supplies can be guaranteed.