Medical Ventilator Shortages Take Centre Stage: Quantzig Reveals Factors Curtailing Production Efforts

Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems brings to you detailed insights on supply chain analytics can help address the factors impacting ventilator shortages globally.

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The shortage of ventilators across the world due to the outbreak of a pandemic is questioning the credibility of logistics and supply chains of the medical supplies industry. Talk to our analytics experts for comprehensive insights on how supply chain analytics can help you manage such shortcomings.

It has been estimated that more than 60% of COVID-19 patients in intensive care units require ventilators. Ventilator shortages are harsh yet crucial reality as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to worsen globally. Leading medical ventilator manufacturers are receiving orders from public and private healthcare organizations. Governments and healthcare organizations around the world are asking medical ventilator manufacturers to redesign their production lines and redesign logistics and supply chain management initiatives. Though most of the medical ventilator manufacturers are trying to bridge the gap between production and logistics networks, the lack of necessary tools and analytics capabilities have curtailed their efforts to do so.

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According to Quantzig’s supply chain analytics experts, "Assembling ventilators isn’t simple and requires factories that meet stringent sanitary requirements and other regulations. But even before production gets to that point, medical ventilator manufacturers need to devise a strong logistics and supply chain management plan."

Factors Impacting the Production and Distribution of Medical Ventilators

According to an analysis provided by one of the leading medical ventilator manufacturers, a handful of companies scattered around the world are responsible for 80% of medical ventilator production. The processes involved in the manufacturing of medical ventilators are complex and require factories to ensure they meet the industry standards and compliance policies. But even before the production of ventilators is lined up, medical ventilator producers need to devise a robust supply chain management to meet the demand across the world. Here are the top two reasons which are leading to supply chain inefficiency among medical ventilator manufacturers across the globe:

  1. Inventory shortages: Unpredictability in the medical equipment manufacturing and healthcare industry has resulted in acute inventory shortages. The use of supply chain analytics solutions allows medical ventilator manufacturers to prevent inventories shortages through accurate forecasting and demand prediction.
  2. Lack of automation: Medical equipment manufacturing involves several manual processes that directly or indirectly contribute to the rise in cost factors throughout the healthcare logistics and supply chain. The reliance on manual processes can also lead to delays in production. Thus, developing a lean and automated supply chain is much required in the current scenario.

Businesses across the world are now struggling with supply chain management issues such as supplier relationship management, demand prediction, and cost reduction. Request for more information to understand how supply chain analytics can help you address these issues.

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