Medical Future Fund to back brain research

Finbar O'Mallon
Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has announced $21.8 million for neurological research

A computer interface implanted in the brain to help people with paralysis move again is one of a handful of research projects to get extra government funding.

The Medical Research Future Fund will inject cash into 10 research projects that target neurological disorders and help people recover from severe injuries.

Health Minister Greg Hunt announced the $21.8 million of research on Thursday, saying it could mean new hope for Australians impacted by brain disorders.

"This research could change lives. It could save lives," he said.

The projects include research on childhood brain development and stroke recovery as well as treatments for Alzheimer's, autism and a Parkinson's-like brain disease.

Nearly $1.5 million worth of funding will go to the University of Melbourne's computer interface research project.

It's aimed at Australians with severe paralysis from spinal cord injury, stroke, motor neuron disease and muscular dystrophy.

The interface acts as a controller, with people using a personal computer or device to control the body.