New med report ordered in Tara Moss' case

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Model and author Tara Moss has been ordered to undergo a medical examination at her home in Canada as part of her legal proceedings against a NSW doctor.

Moss claims Blue Mountains GP Chris Coghill failed to diagnose a hip injury which left her with chronic pain and permanent injury.

A different GP eventually diagnosed the 48-year-old with a tear to the fibrocartilage in her right hip and she underwent surgery in 2018, more than two years after she first complained of pain.

Moss claims Dr Coghill's negligence delayed her diagnosis and treatment, and she could have avoided the development of secondary complications, such as chronic hip and back pain that have required her to use a wheelchair or walking stick,

The doctor maintains he at all times provided competent professional practice, and Moss failed to advise that she was suffering from hip pain.

Dr Coghill's lawyers made application to the NSW Supreme Court, seeking updated medical evidence of Moss' condition as the last relevant report was from September 2020.

Moss' lawyers argued an occupational therapist examination could be done through an online video link as the 48-year-old now lived in Canada.

But Dr Coghill's representatives contended the examination should be done in person because a virtual assessment would not provide the full picture.

NSW Supreme Court Justice Joanne Harrison on Wednesday ruled Moss must undergo the medical examination in person with an occupational therapist.

She was ordered to submit to the examination in Canada next month.

The case against Dr Coghill is listed for an estimated six-week hearing in May.