McLachlan lawyer points to 'slutty' photos

Georgie Moore
·3-min read

A magistrate has taken a dim view of attempts by indecent assault accused-actor Craig McLachlan's lawyer to criticise a woman for posing in "slutty" photos.

Stuart Littlemore QC was seeking to discredit allegations McLachlan had been sexually inappropriate to four co-stars during a run of the Rocky Horror Show in Australia.

"I'm going to call a spade a spade. These photos do depict people in slutty poses," Mr Littlemore told Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday.

He said this was "part of the culture of permissiveness" among the cast of the highly sexualised world-famous musical.

Magistrate Belinda Wallington described the references to "slutty photos" as most unfortunate, and said the court didn't necessarily approve of such language.

She's due to decide next month whether McLachlan is guilty of a combined 13 counts of indecent and common law assault.

Mr Littlemore said one photo of the woman posing had a caption referencing her "black box".

"Is that not slutty?" he said. He also claimed the way the woman dressed and did her hair when she gave evidence was misleading.

Prosecutor Matt Fisher said Mr Littlemore's courtroom tactics belonged "in the dark ages".

McLachlan is facing allegations including that he traced his finger around the outline of a co-star's vagina while the pair were performing a "bedroom" scene.

Prosecutors said this wasn't part of McLachlan's role as Dr Frank-N-Furter.

The actor argued the timing of that scene made the allegation impossible.

At one point, he also broke out into song to try and illustrate how he wouldn't have had time to force his tongue inside a co-star's mouth during a different scene.

That woman said she later told McLachlan "don't you ever do that to me again", to which he allegedly replied "you are nothing. I will end you".

He was also accused of kissing a co-star's neck, breasts, stomach and buttocks on at least 20 occasions during performances.

One accuser said McLachlan knelt before her in her dressing room, said she was beautiful and that he couldn't stop thinking about her.

He then allegedly kissed her on the mouth and said he was "so embarrassed" and had "made a fool of myself".

Mr Littlemore said the women were liars who had colluded with each other and in some cases perjured themselves to try bringing McLachlan down.

None of his accusers came forward until after the show.

Mr Fisher said this was because McLachlan was the lead in the musical and an influential figure in the industry, and the women feared complaining would hurt their own careers.

"There was a very real power imbalance between the accused man and each of the complainants," the prosecutor said.

McLachlan previously labelled one of the women the "most vulgar" he'd ever met.

He at one point filming himself pretending to masturbate and sent it to that woman. The video was played to the court.

McLachlan said it was one of a number of "lewd jokes" the pair shared while working on a different product.

"I've always been outgoing, I've always been energised and enthusiastic and over the top in the workplace," he last week told the court of his on-set behaviour.

Ms Wallington is due to hand down her decision about the charges on December 15.