McDonald's sorry over rap lyrics

Antony Stone

McDonald's has apologised to a grandfather and his toddler grandson who were blasted by rap music peppered with explicit sex lyrics as they ate at an outlet in Wales.

A song by X-rated American rapper Rucka Rucka Ali blared out across the Haverfordwest restaurant of the chain last Friday.

Steve Davidson was having breakfast with 20-month-old grandson Charlie when the controversial song was broadcast over the outlet's sound system.

The breakfast-time bombardment came from a track called Only 17, which features on the controversial rapper's 2011 album called Probably Racist.

The song, too explicit to quote, talks in detail about anal rape, under age sex and prison violence.

Stunned, Davidson, a landlord who runs the Three Crowns pub in neighbouring Milford Haven, said the disgusting lyrics were "bordering on pornography".

McDonald's explained on Wednesday a late shift employee working after the outlet shut had left his private listening linked to its public sound system by mistake.

It apologised for the "isolated lapse in our rigorous standards" and acknowledged that the content of the song lyrics were "wholly inappropriate".