McDonald's adds eggs to 'essentials' drive thru menu

Gillian Wolski and Kristine Tarbert
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Amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, McDonald’s has added another pantry staple to its ‘essentials menu’ available at the drive thru.

Macca’s customers can now add eggs to the items they are able to grab from the restaurant alongside their Happy Meal, the item joining bread, milk, and English muffins already on the menu.

“Anyone who comes to a Macca’s for our contactless drive-through or takeaway service will now be able to pick-up milk, English muffins, bread rolls and eggs,” a spokesperson confirmed in a statement.

“We’re also now able to provide more milk options to customers with the addition of almond, soy and lactose free milk cartons to the menu.”

From today (April 12), bread rolls, English Muffins and milk will also be made available to customers ordering McDelivery via UberEats, Deliveroo or DoorDash.

A composite images of a McDonald's drive-thru sign and a glass bottle of milk and sliced white bread
McDonald's has begun selling bread and milk at the drive-thru amid the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Getty Images.

The fast-food giant had already started selling bread and milk earlier this month via its drive-thru service, giving customers the option to pick up some much-needed pantry staples along with their Big Mac.

“Our contactless service removes any need for touch contact between our employees and customers, making it a safe way for people to get food and drinks, as well as these essential basics,” an earlier statement read.

The burger chain said that the new additions to the menu were part of its “commitment to continue to support local communities during these uncertain times.”

Can I still use Macca’s drive-thru?

While McDonald’s dine-in service remains closed, customers are still able to walk in and grab a takeaway, use the drive-thru or, depending on where you live, have their meal delivered to their door.

So yes — you can still get your Macca’s fix via drive-thru, but it’s important to limit those outings to when they are essential and continue to keep the 1.5m social distancing rule.

The fast-food chain has also introduced some policies to keep their customers and staff safe, so bear them in mind on your next visit.

Choose contactless options

In mid-March, Macca’s has introduced new contactless options for pick up and delivery to ‘minimise customer and employee contact to further improve the safety of our restaurants.’

The new in-store procedure will see crew members place bags on counters for customers to pick up, avoiding any skin to skin contact.

Customers will also be able to order and pay through the store’s MyMacca’s App, and delivery services will offer a contactless drop-off if requested.

Within 24 hours of the announcement, KFC revealed it would follow Macca’s lead in closing in-restaurant dining and offer only delivery and pick up options.

Use EFTPOS not cash

WHO has advised people to ‘wash their hands after handling money,’ so it’s probably best to leave the cash at home and pay with some form of credit card.

Opting for the ‘tap and go’ contactless option means you don’t have to touch the EFTPOS machine.

Throw out the food packaging

Scientists from the National Institutes of Health have tested how long the COVID-19 virus could survive on certain surfaces.

They found that “viable” Covid-19 virus could be detected up to three hours later in the air, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to three days on plastic and stainless steel.

To be safe, it’s best to bin any packaging that your takeaway meal comes in before washing hands and tucking in.

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