McDonald's restaurant behind 'shocking' mop act under fire again for tradie photo

The tradie stood on the meal prep area while staff worked around him.

The man's boots and legs can be seen on the food prep area while staff work around him.
A tradie stood on a food prep area wearing his work boots while staff worked around him at the Booval restaurant in Queensland. Source: Courier Mail

A McDonald's restaurant has come under fire for questionable food safety procedures for the second time in less than a month after a tradie was seen standing on a food prep area in his work boots.

A customer caught sight of the man at the Booval restaurant in Queensland on Sunday, metres away from where a manager was pictured drying a mop head under a heat lamp designed for food. The customer admitted she was disgusted and other Aussies shared her disapproval, the Courier Mail reports.

"First it was McMop and now this at the exact same store," the customer wrote on social media.

It comes after McDonald's Australia told Yahoo News the mop drying was an "isolated incident" and staff had undergone re-training on hygiene, sanitisation and food safety procedures.

McDonald's told Yahoo News it was "extremely disappointed" in the latest incident at the Booval restaurant.

"We have taken action to remove the individual contractor, who was newly hired, from working in our restaurants," the spokesperson said. "As a priority, we are retraining our restaurants and contractors to ensure this does not happen again."

A woman stands drying a mop head under a heat lamp (left) and a restaurant has discarded litter and food strewn across the floor (right).
McDonald's have had a few hygiene issues recently, with dirty restaurant conditions and one manager using a heat lamp to dry a mop. Source: Facebook/TikTok

In May, a Maccas restaurant in Cheltenham, Melbourne copped criticism after customers found it covered in discarded rubbish and food scraps, with the fast-food chain "working with" restaurant staff after footage of the filthy conditions were shared online.

The customer who spotted the mess said there was "people everywhere" and "rubbish everywhere you looked".

Another Melbourne restaurant went viral last year for having squashed food, spilled drinks and rubbish strewn across the floor and tables while customers attempted to eat their meals around it.

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