McDonald's introduces Happy Meals for seniors – with a twist

Nadine Carroll
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McDonald’s in Sweden have come up with a way to help grandparents connect with their grandchildren during self-isolation.

The restaurant has reinvented the classic Happy Meal for seniors but instead of the traditional kids toy, they receive a hand drawn creation from their grandchildren.

The idea was created by marketing agency Nord DDB as a way to help seniors cope with the feeling of isolation and being separated from their loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic.

Grandparents sharing a happy meal with their grandchildren over a video chat.
The new campaign hopes to help seniors and families who are social distancing, connect with each other. Source: McDonald's

Children are invited to the restaurant and given access to a special cubby designed for social distancing and creativity.

After sanitising their hands, children can let their artistic streak flow and design a gift for their grandparents.

Meanwhile, mum and dad can order the desired food to be delivered straight to grandma and grandpa, and the drawings are then included with the delivery.

Sofie Lager, senior marketing manager at McDonald's Sweden, said they wanted to let kids surprise their grandparents with what they treasure the most, "along with a surprise that we know the grandparents appreciate".

A McDonald's worker places a child's drawing into a delivery bag.
Children's drawings are packed and sent by delivery to their grandparents home with a McDonald's meal. Source: McDonald's

A commercial for the new campaign shows children in a video chatting with their grandparents to share a meal together and see the grandparents react to their surprise.

Isolation has been a social issue for seniors in Sweden even before COVID-19 restrictions, so the fast food chain is happy to participate in anything that will put smiles on faces.

"We hope the initiative has made the lives of the grandparents a little more enjoyable," Ms Lager said.

There is no word on the Seniors Happy Meal being introduced in Australia.

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