Why this McDonald's 'Aussie' burger is being slammed online

McDonald’s have added a new “Aussie” burger to their breakfast range but unfortunately for the fast food giant, not everyone is lovin’ it.  

The Aussie BBQ and Egg burger was launched by McDonald’s Canada this month as part of the “World Taste Tour”, promising customers that they’ll be “in for a g’day”.

The burger features a brioche bun filled with egg, beet chips, processed cheese, lettuce, Barbecue sauce and Canadian beef – leaving many asking what makes it Australian?

 McDonald’s replied to confused customers attempting to explain how the 100% Canadian beef burger was in fact Australian.

McDonald’s Canada proudly advertised their new Aussie Bbq and egg burger. Source: McDonald’s

But it appears that explanation just raised more confusion.

“As an Australian, I’m calling you out on this UnAustralian monstrosity you think is a Aussie burger,” one person replied.

“Hell, to state that the beef is paddy is ‘100% Canadian’ just proves you don’t even know what the difference between ‘Australian’ and ‘Canadian’ meat is.”

“If beetroot juice doesn’t drip from your elbows while eating, it’s not an Aussie burger,” another wrote.

But while many were quick to criticise the burger’s ingredients, others tried it for themselves and were happy with what they got.

“Aussie bbq & egg burger one of the best burgers I’ve had!! Wish it wasn’t limited time only,” one woman tweeted.