McCarthy says ‘everybody in the country’ bore ‘some responsibility’ for Jan. 6 insurrection

During a press conference on Thursday, when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was asked if he still felt that former President Donald Trump bore some responsibility for the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, he said that “everybody in the country” bore "some responsibility" for it.

Video transcript

- Leader McCarthy, you said both publicly and privately after January 6 that you thought Trump bore some responsibility for the attack. Do you still feel like he was in any way responsible?

KEVIN MCCARTHY: Look, I've answered that many times. I thought everybody in the country beared some responsibility, based upon what has been going on-- the riots on the streets, the others. Having spent time and seeing what's going forward, what happened in January 2 when the National Guard was offered to protect this Capitol? Prior to January 6, we had a problem at this Capitol where they broke through the police in the Kavanaugh hearings. What change took there? There's a legislative purpose for Congress to look at. You have a separation of powers. Pelosi continues to play politics.

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