McDonald's worker reveals how popular breakfast item is really made

A McDonald's employee has revealed how the fast food giant prepares a popular breakfast item - and social media users are torn over what they saw.

The man, who works at an American McDonald's, shared a video of himself making scrambled eggs for the fast food restaurant.

The now-viral clip shows the staffer preparing pre-mixed scrambled eggs from a carton. The man is not wearing gloves, and adds a significant amount of butter to the mix.

He then mixes the eggs with a plastic scraper and adds them to a preparation drawer for serving.

The video has been viewed 3.5 million times on TikTok, and viewers have expressed a range of feelings about its content.

Many were appalled, with one person commenting "This is why I can't really eat the eggs there" and another writing "I'm lucky I don't eat at McDonald's".

"McDonald's really cracked the code on the worst ways to prepare food," wrote another viewer.

Others were bothered by the amount of butter added to the egg mix. "Yeah I'll take some egg product with my butter thanks bro," commented one TikTok user.

Meanwhile scores of people were only concerned by the employee's bare hands. "Biggest issue is no gloves on," wrote one such person.

Stills from TikTok: McDonald's worker pouring liquid egg mix onto a grill and mixing it with no gloves on
Viewers were torn over the way McDonald's scrambled eggs are made. Source: TikTok/ayehoes_itstay

Many TikTok users saw no issue with the way McDonald's scrambled eggs are made, however, with one viewer commenting "You can buy liquid egg in the damn store, what's the diff?"

"I fully expected this," wrote another, while several others said they saw "no problem" in the video.

McDonald's competitors were also mentioned, with insiders from Burger King and Wendy's declaring they take a fresher approach to making breakfast items. "They were cracking fresh eggs every morning," wrote one former Burger King employee.

How does McDonald's Australia prepare eggs?

While scrambled eggs aren't featured on Aussie McDonald's menus, whole eggs make up a large part of the chain's fan-favourite breakfast menu. So how do Aussie Macca's stores compare to their US counterparts?

A McDonald's spokesperson told Yahoo News that no artificial egg mixes are used in stores, and that breakfast menu items feature real eggs.

"We proudly use 100 per cent Australian fresh, whole cage-free eggs sourced from farms across the country in our breakfast McMuffins," the spokesperson said.

McDonald's with a 'Maccas' sign; McMuffin, hash brown and McCafe coffee
Aussie egg lovers will get fresh eggs on their McMuffins. Source: Getty Images

The fast food giant's Aussie website also states that McDonald's sources its eggs from Pace farm and Sunny Queen.

McDonald's Australia openly discusses the origins of its ingredients on its website, with a "What's in it" page revealing that Macca's chicken is RSPCA approved, and McCafe coffee beans are specially selected from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

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