McDonald's chicken nugget selling on eBay for $66,000

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A single McDonald's nugget is being auctioned on eBay and the bids have climbed to almost A$70,000.

The chicken nugget in question is shaped like a character from the video game Among Us and according to the listing, it "originated from a BTS Combo meal".

Among Us is a multiplayer game which players have to weed out the "parasitic shapeshifter".

So far, the nugget has gained 159 bids and the current bid is sitting at $51,700 ($A66,683).

"McDonald’s Among Us shaped chicken nugget," the description says.

"Condition is 'Used'. Shipped with USPS First Class."

The McDonald's nugget shaped like a video game character and a stock image of the Golden Aches.
A McDonald's nugget shaped like a video game character will likely sell for thousands on eBay. Source: eBay/Getty Images

The listing also notes the nugget has an "average expiration of about 14 days", so the "authentic" nugget will be delivered before it expires.

"Item will be Frozen and then Air sealed to ensure freshness with secure shipping method," it added.

The listing of the nugget, which will likely sell for a ridiculous amount of money, got quite a bit of attention online, including from the official Among Us Twitter.

"There's a $34,443.43 Among Us chicken nugget on sale and i don't know how to feel about it???" the tweet said.

"But also?? I want it."

On Twitter, Among Us called upon McDonald's to split the cost of the nugget.

"Split the cost with me or send me one for free!! ok thank u," the tweet said.

The Xbox Twitter account replied saying it must come with Szechuan Sauce.

"Jokes on them.. I have Szechuan and at buyers request will ship some with the nugget," the original poster later said.

On Twitter, one person questioned who would be "stupid enough" to buy the nugget, to which someone hit back, calling the nugget "sacred".

The nugget in a sealed bag.
The nugget will be frozen and air sealed before being shipped. Source: eBay

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