Mayim Bialik teases new “Blossom” plans: 'We're hoping to reboot it not as a sitcom'

Mayim Bialik teases new “Blossom” plans: 'We're hoping to reboot it not as a sitcom'

If Blossom returns to TV, she won't be the same person you remember.

Rumors of a reboot for the beloved '90s sitcom have been circulating for years, in large part because of its main star, Mayim Bialik, who is eager to reprise her breakout role. Most recently, the actress reaffirmed plans for a Blossom return — but said it would have an intriguing twist.

"I'm happy to tell you that, yes, it's true," Bialik told Vanity Fair in a new interview. "All of the cast and the original creator and producers are on board, and we believe a reboot can and should exist once the strike ends."

Expanding on their vision for the series, she added, "We're hoping to reboot it not as a sitcom, though. We want to bring back these interesting, deep characters — a child of divorce, a recovering drug addict, an alcoholic — to see them in a whole new way."

Mayim Bialik in Blossom
Mayim Bialik in Blossom

Alice S. Hall/NBCU Mayim Bialik on 'Blossom'

Bialik's proposed reboot sounds similar to Bel-Air, the fresh take on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that reimagined Will Smith's iconic show as an hourlong drama rather than a half-hour sitcom. The tonal shift, however, may account for Bialik's struggle to get Blossom Russo back on our screens.

She and Blossom creator Don Reo have been trying to revive the series for years — a pilot is already written and ready to go — but have had a tough time getting a network on board. Back in 2021, Bialik told EW, "I may just start a grassroots fan campaign to see if we can do it because we absolutely would love people to see where these characters are."

She continued, "[Reo] and I talked about it and we kind of decided after literally years of trying to work on this that I would probably just say it out loud. We do have a well-formed idea and we would love someone to let us do it."

Nearly three decades have passed since the sitcom was last on the air. In it, Bialik starred as fashionable teenager Blossom, who was living with her single father and two older brothers after the departure of their mother. The show, which ran for five seasons on NBC, also featured Joey Lawrence, Jenna Von Oy, and Michael Stoyanov, who all reunited last year to guest-star on Bialik's show Call Me Kat.

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