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'Maybe we can shock a few people,' says Kettlewell

Motherwell "can go beyond expectation" according to manager Stuart Kettlewell.

The Lanarkshire club are level on points with Celtic at the top of the Scottish Premiership, but as midfielder Callum Slattery told BBC Scotland too, the manager is "not getting carried away".

"I'm simply trying to make the point and send the message that it's kind of on us," he said on the BBC's Scottish Football Podcast.

"If we're content and quite happy with our work so far and we want to put the tools away, we won't get very much but if we want to keep pushing the boundaries, keep testing ourselves and put our bodies on the line, then we've shown, I think since February, that we can go beyond expectation.

"I would love us to continue doing that and I'll still every day, try to drive that message to the players.

"If our supporters can go away and see that we've given our absolute all to the cause, then I think that can take us pretty far, and who knows...

"I don't want to put a number on it in the league, I'm not telling you what position we'll finish in, but if we do it properly, then we'll give ourselves a chance to maybe shock a few people and cast a seed of doubt in our opponents."