May the force be with Skywalker

Ross Lewis

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is this the wrong metaphor?

While the latest release from the brilliant team at Nail Brewing is a super man’s beer, it actually pays homage to another famous science fiction franchise.

It also honours a good mate of head brewer John Stallwood. The friend’s white knight heroics rescued Stallwood at a time of great need.

The sixth beer in Nail’s special Brewlog Series is titled Gareth Skywalker Golden India Pale Ale.

But is it?

When The Sip visited the Nail team at their Bassendean operation there was considerable debate over what is the beer’s actual style.

“In some way I think it is an India Golden Ale,” said Stallwood, getting his suggestion in first.

Others have put forward suggestions Gareth Skywalker is an Imperial Golden Ale, there was a case for it to be a Golden India Pale Ale. One even suggested it was just an India Pale Ale.

“It is similar to our Golden Nail but this one has got pale malt in it,” Stallwood added.

“We used the Melba hop as well and it has proved very good for dry hopping.”

Gareth Skywalker provides a splash of golden goodness in the mouth. There is an immediate impact of the Melba generating a nice gentle pineapple taste. It was like the fruit boxes we drank as kids and the ray of sunshine feel early in the sip was uplifting.

At 7 per cent it is strong but far from being a palate wrecker.

Gareth Tarrant with the Nail beer that has his name on it.

Stallwood dedicates each beer in the Brewlog Series to someone who has had a strong impact on his life or business.

The No.6 reflects the help Gareth Tarrant gave Stallwood when he was assaulted in 2004. Tarrant caught the offender that struck his pal and helped Stallwood receive justice for the crime.

“Gareth is a mad Star Wars fan and I call him Gareth Skywalker,” Stallwood said. “He has a room with all the figurines. I used to call him Darth Vader but he didn’t like it.

“But he was my Jedi Knight on the evening I was hurt. He virtually sat on the bloke until the police arrived.

“So it seemed appropriate that we should release a beer called Gareth Skywalker on May the Fourth.”

The new brew will be available in bottles and kegs across the country from this week.