From May 1, you cannot drive without daytime running lights outside cities in Ukraine

Violation of the rule is subject to a fine of UAH 510
Violation of the rule is subject to a fine of UAH 510

Drivers in Ukraine on roads outside of cities and settlements must now always have headlights on - even during the day, Patrol Police deputy head, Oleksiy Biloshitskyi, reminded that the new rule came into effect on May 1.

Previously, this was only required between October 1 to May 1. The new law requires daytime lights year-round.

"Previously, to mark a vehicle moving in daylight outside the settlement, from October 1 to May 1, drivers had to turn on daytime running lights, and in the absence of them in the design of the vehicle, low beam headlights," he said.

"This time period has been canceled, and the specified rule for vehicles is applied continuously [throughout the year]."

Violations will result in a fine of UAH 510 ($13) according to Article 122 of the Criminal Code, which covers vehicle lighting and signaling.

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The Cabinet made these changes in the fall of 2023.

The new rules apply to all vehicles, from cars to motorcycles.

The update is meant to reduce the number of accidents on Ukrainian roads and prevent the death and injury of people in road accidents.

Headlights are one tool for additional passive traffic safety.

"European studies confirm this," the National Police said.

"According to the European Commission on Daytime Running Lights, using daytime lights reduces the number of daytime accidents by approximately 5-15%."

Studies show that using daytime lights improves visibility and affects the timely peripheral perception of vehicles performing various maneuvers. In addition, cars with daytime running lights are better identified from a distance and are safer than cars without them.

This is how daytime running lights provide a positive effect on road traffic safety, the police said.

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