The maxi scarf is officially back – but Cosmo's fashion team is divided

blanket scarf trend
Should you embrace the maxi scarf trend?Getty Images

Fashion isn't always known for being the most practical, with die-hard devotees willingly compromising comfort in the name of looking good. So, when a trend comes around that promises to keep us warm in the middle of winter's big freeze, we're all ears.

Yep, we're talking about the return of the maxi scarf. Spotted all over the street style set, we tasked two members of the Cosmo Fashion Team with putting this winter's hottest – literally! – accessory to the test. But were they more for going big or going home?

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"The bigger, the better, especially when it comes to cold-weather dressing. What’s better than an oversized statement scarf to distract from the freezing British winters, right? And with icon Dua Lipa’s seal of approval, it’s time to join the trend. Simply put: everyone needs a gigantic statement scarf in their life.

I’m a huge fan of layering, and there’s nothing dowdy about my favourite blanket scarf and oversized coat styling combo. Whether it’s Acne Studios or Asos, it’s the perfect outfit upgrade. Bored of your same old office attire? Throw on an enormous scarf.

Not only are the colour, material and pattern options endless, but you can easily elevate even a basic outfit. As someone who always feels cold, the gigantic scarf trend couldn’t be more appropriate. Plus, it’s Paris and Copenhagen street-style approved. Honestly, what more could you ask for?"

Trez Hillman, Fashion Intern

blanket scarf trend street style outside michael kors during new york fashion week
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"Okay, yes, I will admit to being an avid sharer of the Lenny Kravitz gigantic scarf memes that seem to do the rounds whenever winter is on the way and, no, I can’t deny the warm fuzzy feeling I had when I saw the oversized tartan versions draped over equally oversized shoulder padding at YSL’s AW23 show. But there’s literally not one part of me that wants to make this trend work IRL.

Just the thought of willingly wrapping that much fabric around my neck is enough to send my forever-high body temperature hurtling into sweaty territory. And then there’s the issue of practicality. A casual bike ride through the park? That last-minute dash for the bus in the morning? I admittedly only do one of those things on the regular, but the sheer amount of scenarios I can see ending terribly if I was wearing an accessory that could easily double as a blanket seem endless."

Courtney Smith, Fashion Assistant

Want to try the trend for yourself? Shop our edit of the best blanket scarves and maxi varieties now:

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