'What's the point?': MasterChef judge's harsh comments cause outrage

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Tuesday Night’s MasterChef pressure test looked to be getting the better of 26-year-old contestant Brendan Pang, but it was judge Jock Zonfrillo’s taunts that had fans taking to social media.

Brendan himself admitted he was “stressing out” during the challenge and was “really gonna have to push” to get his dish done.

Brendan was “stressing out” during the challenge. Photo: Channel Ten

Brendan appeared overwhelmed and drenched in sweat when Jock walked over to inspect how he was going.

“Mate, you look as if you're a little bit behind. You're looking super frazzled, man,” Jock said, even though the young chef was clearly already stressed.

“Compose yourself. Keep an eye on your time. Because from now on it's gonna start whizzing by. Yeah? Good luck, Brendan.”

Viewers were quick to call out Jock for his harsh comments and stick up for Brendan online.

“I feel like jock saying to Brendan 'you look frazzled right now' is just about the least helpful thing he could have said,” one person said.

“We can see him sweating big dog. Leave the kid alone,” another agreed.

While a third asked: “What are the point of Jock's comments? Telling Brendan he looks frazzled. Might as well just say ‘hey you look like you're doing s**t’.”

Viewers thought Jock's 'advice' was a bit harsh. Photo: Channel Ten

It was a stark contrast to guest judge Kirsten Tibballs - the Queen of Chocolate - who some fans dubbed a ‘fairy godmother’.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to praise Kirsten for being 'supportive and helpful'. 

“Can Kirsten be any more kind and encouraging?” one viewer asked.

“Kirsten Tibballs is not just the Queen of Chocolates but she's also perfect to be a fairy godmother!” another agreed.

Guest judge Kirsten Tibballs was a fan favourite. Photo: Channel Ten

MasterChef continues on Channel Ten Wednesday at 7.30pm.

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