MasterChef fans go wild over major changes in Dessert Masters kitchen

Channel 10's new spin-off series has been praised on social media.

MasterChef Australia’s brand new spinoff series Dessert Masters kicked off on Sunday night, with 10 of the country’s best pastry chefs competing for the culinary crown and $100,000.

The cooking competition features Melissa Leong, who recently stepped back from the main series to prioritise her role on Dessert Masters, and international pastry chef and chocolatier Amaury Guichon as judges.

Melissa Leong on Dessert Masters / the Dessert Masters trophy.
MasterChef fans are already loving the brand new season of Dessert Masters. Photos: Channel 10

While the addition of a new judge undoubtedly sets the series apart from its original format, especially because there are only two, fans were more surprised to see so many changes made to the beloved MasterChef kitchen.

As the contestants arrived at the Melbourne-based warehouse, the outside herb garden had been restyled with fairy lights and plenty of fog to add a sense of whimsical wonder.


The signature ‘M’ symbol at the top of the building had also been given a makeover and was now pink - which contestant Anna Polyviou, who rocks a bright pink mohawk, saw as a positive omen.

“Even the ‘M’ symbol is pink, it’s a sign that I need to be in there by the food gods,” she said. “They’re like, ‘Anna, welcome home for the next few weeks, this is for you’.”

Dessert Masters contestant Anna Polyviou / the pink 'M' symbol on the MasterChef building.
Anna Polyviou joked that the show was made for her because of its pink theme. Photos: Channel 10

'I love this'

The pink theme continued inside the kitchen, with pink lights reflecting onto the walls, ceiling, and balcony railing.

The first challenge also saw the contestants compete for the only immunity pin of the season, which had been redesigned from gold to pink.

Viewers were thrilled by the colourful changes to the reality show, with one person writing on social media: “The pink pin is so unique I love this.”

“I really like the pink (ruby chocolate?) motif. The pink immunity pin looks delectable,” another added, while a third joked, “Need to know if that pin is edible”.

“I love that the immunity pin is pink,” someone else said, followed by a different user who replied, “Same. Looks like someone got happy with a Kmart resin kit and some pink glitter”.

“Anna being absolutely delighted by the pink aesthetics is so funny,” one viewer shared.

“Even the clock is pink. Love it,” another pointed out.

The pink Dessert Masters immunity pin.
The immunity pin has been rebranded from gold to pink. Photo: Channel 10

There was one pink change that fans weren’t too pleased with, however, with the fiery red commercial break transition being swapped for a dreamy pink cloudscape.

“Fireball has been replaced by pink clouds. It’s pretty but it’s not at all dramatic enough,” one fan wrote.

“The pink smoke is just not overly dramatic enough like the firey explosion,” another agreed.


Fan-favourite and two-time MasterChef contestant Reynold Poernomo ended up winning the first challenge and received the coveted immunity pin, setting an extremely high bar for the rest of the season.

Dessert Masters continues 7:30pm tonight on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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