'You had one job': Mastercard slammed over major celebrity gaffe

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Mastercard mistakenly identified FKA Twigs (left) as Charli XCX (right). Photo: Getty Images

Mastercard has had to backpedal furiously after misidentifying a star on the red carpet of the Brit Awards.

This year’s major sponsor of the British music industry’s night of nights, Mastercard has shared a number of red carpet snaps to social media, one of which contained a huge gaffe that has sparked outrage online.

Uploading a photo of an artist who is very clearly FKA Twigs, the sponsor wrote the following caption.

The post, which has since been deleted features a picture of FKA Twigs, and tags Charli XCX. photo: Twitter

“Our love for Charli XCX is next level,” they wrote, tagging the major pop artist in the process.

Unless that ‘next level’ is the fulfilment of the old adage ‘love is blind’, then it seems the sentiment may have been slightly overstated.

The post, shared at 7:30 pm Monday evening British time, or 6:30 am Tuesday AEST, has since been deleted with no comment forthcoming from the credit card giant.

Social media slams credit card giant

Fans couldn't believe the sponsor had mistaken FKA Twigs for Charli XCX. Photo: Getty Images

Screenshots of the post, however, are alive and well, circling social media to the disgust of online users who have slammed the sponsor.

“You had one job. Seriously,” Twitter user Caroline Hirons wrote alongside a screenshot she had saved.

Posted just an hour ago, the tweet is quickly gaining traction, with many sharing their thoughts on the misstep.

“I guess more than one woman of colour is just too hard and unexpected,” one woman pointed out.

“Someone is getting fired,” one person observed.

“STOPPPPPP,” another beseeched Mastercard.

“In this day and age! How do people still manage this? Takes maybe 7 seconds of googling to make sure!” another wrote.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Mastercard UK for comment.

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