Massive bull shark dragged through town by a tractor

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Bizarre and confronting footage has caused a stir online in South America and abroad, showing a fisherman using a tractor to drag a massive shark through the middle of a beach bar as bemused onlookers film on their phones.

Fishermen from Matinhos in Brazil's southern Parana state allegedly pulled three bull sharks "accidentally" while fishing last Saturday.

Footage of one of the men behind the wheel of a tractor pulling one of the colossal animals along the sand made it onto social media and started doing the rounds.

The fishermen reportedly caught the three giant sharks "accidentally" while fishing for mackerel around 30 kilometres from the coast.

The footage has sparked anger on social media in Brazil before going viral. Source: CEN
The footage has sparked anger on social media in Brazil before going viral. Source: CEN

Local fishing community president Adail Joao Pinto said: "It was on the high seas, they were swimming and they fell into the net.

"They must have been trapped at dawn because the fishermen found them in the morning, when they went to pull in the mackerel fishing nets."

The specimens were between three and four metres long and the heaviest weighed more than 200 kilograms.

They were dead when the fishermen found them, said Mr Pinto.

But some online expressed skepticism about the stated version of events, as the bull shark in the video - seen hooked by the mouth - can clearly be seen bleeding.

Mr Pinto claimed that was normal, saying fish bleed naturally through their gills after death.

The bull shark is categorised as 'vulnerable' by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The police said the incident had not been reported.


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