'Masked Singer' fans take to Twitter following controversial YouTuber's reveal

Another wildcard contestant debuted on The Masked Singer Wednesday night, when Group B returned to the stage. Grandpa Monster, the Black Swan, the Chameleon and Piglet each performed.

While Grandpa Monster sang about not giving a damn about his reputation, he might give a damn about his elimination as this week's wildcard, the Crab, whose performance was clawesome, beat Grandpa Monster by a pinch. So, who was underneath the Grandpa Monster mask?

Following his unmasking, YouTuber, actor, podcaster, and boxer Logan Paul shared, "Singing is so scary for me, and being in this costume, ironically, as restrictive as it is, you feel so free in here. It was a lot of fun. But I'ma be honest, guys. I never stood a chance. What am I doing here? I'm a youtubing, boxing, Pokémon collector."

Some Masked Singer fans have still not forgiven Logan since his 2018 controversy, when he filmed a suicide victim and posted it to his YouTube. Viewers took to Twitter following his reveal to criticize Masked Singer for having him on. However, others loved his reveal as they were happy to welcome him back.