Australian flights mask mandates end

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Masks are no longer compulsory on domestic and international flights to Australia as COVID-19 rules relax across the nation.

The mask mandates ended at 12.01am on Friday but travellers are still advised to consider wearing them for their own safety.

Federal Health Minister Mark Butler said the changes were endorsed by the chief medical officer.

"I encourage everyone travelling overseas to be mindful of the continuing risk of COVID-19 and to take personal precautions to stop the spread and stay safe," he said.

Isolation has been reduced to a minimum of five days for people with no symptoms, while workers in high-risk settings like aged care, disability and home care must still isolate for seven days.

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment rules have changed to reflect the minimum isolation period for anyone applying.

It comes as Australian states and territories will from Saturday no longer provide daily case figures.

The federal government will instead issue weekly data on new cases, deaths, hospitalisations and ICU admissions.

More than 8000 new COVID-19 cases and 135 deaths were reported across Australia on Friday, including dozens of historical deaths from Victoria and South Australia.


NSW: 2881 cases, 21 deaths, 1503 in hospital with 27 in ICU

Victoria: 2106 cases, 41 deaths, 213 in hospital with 13 in ICU

Queensland: 1426 cases, 10 deaths, 222 in hospital with six in ICU

WA: 995 cases, no deaths, 192 in hospital with four in ICU

SA: 569 cases, 63 deaths, 77 in hospital with eight in ICU

Tasmania: 176 cases, no deaths, 21 in hospital with one in ICU

ACT: 137 cases, no deaths, 86 in hospital with one in ICU

NT: 69 cases, no deaths, 16 in hospital with none in ICU.