Mary Trump Makes Rallying Cry After Ruling From Supreme Court 'Traitors'

Mary Trump said Monday’s stunning Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity further underscores just how important it is that Donald Trump never returns to the White House.

“I believe unequivocally that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen,” the former president’s niece wrote in her newsletter, “The Good in Us,” on Monday.

“It’s time for tens of millions of us to rise up and vote in unprecedented numbers,” she wrote. “That’s how we tell the New York Times editorial board to fuck off. It’s how we increase the likelihood that Donald goes to prison or, at the very least, never gets near the levers of power again. And it’s how we start to take back our country from the corrupt traitors on the Supreme Court.”

A firestorm has followed Biden’s weak and fumbling performance at Thursday’s presidential debate. Some Democrats and others, including The New York Times editorial board, have since called for the president to leave the race.

The majority-conservative Supreme Court ruled along ideological lines Monday that Trump has total immunity for “official” acts undertaken while in office. The deeply controversial decision muddies the water in the criminal cases against Trump, likely delaying trials until after the election. If Trump wins, he could order the dismissal of the two federal cases against him.

Mary Trump acknowledged Biden had a “terrible night” at the debate, but encouraged readers to unite and move forward.

She also urged Americans to use the Supreme Court’s “horrific decisions as a rallying cry because if we do nothing, the consequences will be swift and unthinkable.”

“So let’s get it together. If we want to save our country and our future and our children’s futures, we have to elect Democrats no matter what,” she wrote.

Read her full newsletter entry here.