Marvel's Echo star Devery Jacobs responds to question of season 2

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Marvel's Echo star talks potential second seasonChuck Zlotnick - Marvel Studios

Echo actress Devery Jacobs has discussed the possibility of a second season.

Released under the brand-new 'Marvel Spotlight' banner at the turn of the year, this six-part superhero series introduced fans to Alaqua Cox's eponymous, deaf Native American Choctaw fighter, while Jacobs played her estranged cousin Bonnie.

Chatting exclusively to Digital Spy, the Reservation Dogs star was asked if Echo was a one-and-done or whether there's more on the horizon.

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"I had such an incredible experience filming Echo and getting to connect with a lot of Alaqua," she replied.

"Also working with Sydney Freeland for a third time. She's a legendary trans Navajo filmmaker, and getting to be a part of that project was awesome. I would happily be a part of it again in the future.

"I think with the Marvel Spotlight banner, this being the first project within there, from what I understand, it's a contained project, so I don't know if we'll be coming back. But if they ever want to bring me in, I would answer and be like, 'Hell yeah, I'll play Bonnie again.'"

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This comes after Echo writer Amy Rardin delved into the first episode's blistering battle between Cox's character and Daredevil.

"We know how excited everyone is about Daredevil. We were excited about Daredevil. But really what that fight is about is Maya going from student to practical," she told Deadline.

"It's the first time she kills someone. It's the first time she proves herself to Kingpin. She took on one of his biggest rivals. It's her coming into her own in [Wilson] Fisk's operation. So that is how we approached that fight. To get to be able to use Daredevil was amazing, but it was very much in service of Maya's story and who she is at that time in her life."

All episodes of Echo are streaming on Disney+.

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