Martha Stewart sparks backlash for using ‘small iceberg’ to chill her drink on cruise

While Martha Stewart is often praised for her expertise in the kitchen, fans aren’t pleased with her personal bartending methods she’s displayed on vacation.

The 82-year-old has received a vast amount of backlash after she was caught using a “small iceberg” to chill her alcoholic beverage on a cruise from Iceland to Greenland. On her Instagram page, Stewart posted a slide deck of photos from the end of her “first zodiac cruise,” including a photo of her holding up a drink followed by a snapshot of two iceberg chunks resting on a kitchen cart. Her caption read: “We actually captured a small iceberg for our cocktails tonight.”

Soon after she shared the insights into her time on the ship, followers flooded her comment section to accuse her of being “tone-deaf” and to condemn her use of the ice blocks. Some individuals pointed to her apparent disregard for climate change, even after she had spoken about the importance of recognising it.

“Martha I love ya. But weren’t you just talking about climate change with your wash out on your driveway in NY?” a fan questioned. “Melting icebergs for a cocktail surely won’t help. I’m not even going to talk about the boat you’re on and how that can’t be good for climate change either.”

Another Instagram user echoed the same sentiment: “I generally love Martha and the excesses of her life because she’s about beautiful gardens, homes, and food, but wealthy white people drinking their iceberg cocktails while the planet is in flames is a bit tone-deaf.”

“Global warming and melting ice caps but we need glacier ice for cocktails?! Talk about tone-deaf. Been a fan for years but I’ve seen enough caviar lately as I struggle to buy groceries that I’m out,” one woman agreed.

“Martha the ice caps are melting don’t put them in your drink,” one individual added.

Another commenter pointed to a different issue with Stewart’s use of the iceberg: “Umm the amount of dirt and pollution in that ice may not be what I would want to consume but to each their own.”

Though a majority of viewers were displeased with her actions, a few people poked fun at her admission and others thanked Stewart for the cocktail suggestion.

“If you can’t find fresh icebergs for your cocktails store bought is fine,” a sarcastic user wrote, while another added: “I only use the finest icebergs for my cocktails.”

“I love seeing her enjoy her life,” one fan proclaimed.

The television personality has been posting bits of excursion online, beginning with photos of a fox from inside a Reykjavík, Iceland volcano. She then travelled to a sky lagoon in the same area before boarding the ship to cross the Denmark Straits.

In her 28 August post, images from her room on the cruise could be seen alongside the caption: “Crossing the Denmark Straits from Iceland to Greenland aboard a small but spacious expedition ship called SH Vega. We are spending six days learning about the largest island in the world!!! Population about 56,000. 75 per cent indigenous peoples.”

“The crossing is a bit rough. And it is taking more than 30 hours. Food is delicious! Crew is very friendly and knowledgeable,” she continued.