Married school teacher banned for seven years over sex with student

Melissa Grant
Married school teacher banned for seven years over affair with student

A Queensland high school teacher who had sex with a female student during school hours has been banned from teaching for seven years.

The man, now 36, met the girl for intercourse and other sexual activities at least five times before she graduated in 2015.

The teacher also exchanged explicit texts with the girl and took a day off during Schoolies week to take her to his home for sex.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal had heard the married man's relationship with the girl became "over familiar" when he taught her Year 11 class in 2014.

He gave her gifts and appeared to be testing the waters for a possible sexual relationship in a series of student to teacher emails, the tribunal was told.

The relationship escalated after the student turned 18 in October 2015, before she graduated from Year 12, with the pair exchanging phone calls and texts, and meeting up for sex.

"Some of the sexual encounters occurred at school during school hours, others in a park, and others at the teacher's home," the tribunal's judgment, published on Friday, said.

At the end of the school year, he left an envelope at the school office that contained $200 for the girl to spend at Schoolies week.

The tribunal heard the man spent a night with the student after telling his wife he was seeing a movie with another teacher, and the affair continued until April 2016 when another student reported it to the school.

The teacher initially denied the allegations but resigned that same month after investigators confronted him with overwhelming evidence.

The man will not be able to register as a teacher until 2023 and was also ordered to pay the Queensland College of Teachers $5000 in costs.