'Turns out we're gay' Newlyweds split as they both come out

Holly Hales
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Jo Turner and Scott Turner-Smith have both come out as gay more than one year after they married each other. Photo: Facebook

A husband and wife have decided to end their marriage after they both came out as gay.

Jo Turner, 30, and Scott Turner-Smith, 25, who are from the UK, wed in August 2018 but have now split upon coming to the mutual realisation.

Coming out

The shock revelation was offered to family and friends on social media and saw Jo simply explain that it “turns out [they’re] both gay”.

The dentist went on to detail how she and Scott decided to go through with the split—ultimately opting for an annulment instead of a divorce.

“We have had a hoot signing the nullity petition today - ‘invalid consent by mistake - turns out we are both gay’,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Enjoy that, Judge. The screenplay will be out next year.”

The couple wed in August 2018 but have now split after both coming out as gay. Photo: Facebook

Taking the story to the screen

Although Scott’s tone towards coming out was slightly more serious, he agreed that their story should be taken to the screen, but only on the condition it’s written by actress Emma Thompson.

“I’m gay,” he tweeted last month.

“Those I’ve told so far have been wonderful, and for that I’m more grateful than they know. It feels freeing to be able to be my whole self, and I’m excited to find out what’s next.”

And despite their split, the former couple have remained close friends to the point they’re planning to go on double dates with Jo’s new girlfriend Wendy Rennie.

“Wendy and I are dying to go on a double date with Scott +1,” she tweeted, adding that a “double wedding would be amazing!”

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