MAFS groom's bombshell claims about show drama

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

Married At First Sight groom, Jonethen Musulin, has spilled some secrets from behind the scenes of the show, claiming sometimes there’s more to the drama than meets the eye.

Speaking on Hit Mid North coast with Jason ‘Bodge’ Bodger and Krysti Dixon, Jonethen, who is married to Connie on the show, said it’s ‘strange’ seeing how the whole thing played out on screen. 

MAFS groom Jonethen has spilled the secrets behind the MAFS drama. Photo: Channel Nine

“If something happens off camera, especially something like that’s a pretty big thing in the relationship, they kind of want you to at least talk about what happened off camera,” Jonethen said. 

“That’s the hard thing about the show is we do do a lot of filming but there are moments where something might happen where they don’t catch it and then it doesn’t make sense if they come back the next morning and you’re all upset without any context.”

He went on to say that during moments of tension, producers ask a lot of questions, so they get multiple answers to each scenario. 

“I think you just cover all the ground. They kind of ask you a lot of questions and you kind of just say a lot of things and that makes sense because they can fill it with anything,” he said. 

When the host said he thought there “may be a bit of poetic licence there”, Jonethen agreed, saying “definitely”. 

Jonethen said producers ask the contestants multiple questions so they have numerous answers for different outcomes. Photo: Channel Nine

He went on to say that the camera guys and the producers do have breaks to go home and see their families but “stuff happens on those days” that’s not caught on camera. 

Speaking about fighting for airtime on the show, Jonethen said he always knew he wouldn’t appear much in an episode if nothing dramatic had happened in his relationship that week. 

“I know the episiodes where I didn’t say or do anything stupid are the ones where I didn’t get much airtime,” he said. 

“It’s always not a good thing when you get a lot of airtime because it means you did a lot of bad things. If you had a lot of screen time it means you either said dumb things or you know something controversial has happened.”

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