Marjorie Taylor Greene unveils ‘Women for Trump Coalition’ with transphobic tweet

Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene posted an offensive tweet as she unveiled her new “Women for Trump Coalition.”

“I’m excited to announce the launch of the official Women for Trump Coalition!” the Republican congresswoman wrote.

“President Trump is a champion for the dignity of women and trusts the science: there are only TWO genders Male & Female,” she continued. “He also believes women are exclusively FEMALE.”

The former president said in March that as president, he would “revoke every Biden policy promoting the disfigurement of our youth.”

This is far from the first time Rep Greene has made aired her transphobic beliefs.

As recently as June, she accused transgender women of being “sexual predators” to cisgender women. The following month, Ms Greene baselessly referred to the shooter in the Philadelphia mass shooting that left five dead as “another trans shooter.” Officials later confirmed that the assailant is not transgender and identifies as male.

She even introduced a measure last year that would criminalise gender-affirming care for minors, which includes plastic surgery that “feminizes or masculinizes the facial features,” hormone therapy and puberty blockers, among other interventions, according to the bill. Rep Greene reintroduced the legislation in March 2023.

In February 2021, she even hung up a sign in the hallway of the Capitol echoing the language used in her tweet that read: “There are TWO genders: male and female. ‘Trust the science!’”

In her Thursday tweet, the Georgia Republican encouraged people — women — to “join.”

According to the coalition’s website, the group provides an “opportunity for the future of female voices to inspire and guide the conservative movement under Donald J. Trump.”

“At the frontline America’s most pressing political issues are the concerns of women. Led by Women for Trump, President Trump’s policies will continue his legacy of empowering women and establishing a United States with greater equality and opportunity for all,” the website stated.

The coalition is selling merchandise — like mugs, shirts, and bumper stickers — that boast “Women for Trump.”

Women for Trump Coalition merchandise (Women for Trump Coalition)
Women for Trump Coalition merchandise (Women for Trump Coalition)

Despite the Georgia Republican’s claim — that the 2024 presidential candidate is a “champion for the dignity of women” — accusations and bombshell reports against Mr Trump suggest otherwise.

Earlier this year, Mr Trump was found liable for sexual assault against former Elle columnist E Jean Carroll.

On top of this case, 25 other women have accused Mr Trump of sexual misconduct. Shortly before the 2016 election, an Access Hollywood tape from 2005 resurfaced, revealing Mr Trump saying about women: “Grab them by the p****.