Marjorie Taylor Greene defends space laser theory in upcoming book

Marjorie Taylor Greene defends space laser theory in upcoming book

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene has dedicated a chapter of her book to defending herself against accusations of antisemitism after her 2018 claim that a prominent Jewish family started a wildfire using a space laser, a report says.

In 2021, Media Matters reported on a now-deleted Facebook post in which the right-wing lawmaker claimed a space laser controlled by an executive at a bank owned by the Rothschild family — a Jewish family that has been the target of several antisemitic conspiracy theories — caused a California wildfire.

In her forthcoming book MTG, the Republican representative from Georgia writes there is not “an antisemitic bone” in her body, according to a report from Forward. In one chapter, Ms Greene called her space laser rant a “sarcastic social media post,” the outlet reports.

“My Savior is a Jewish carpenter who died on the cross for my sins, and I have no antisemitic sentiments whatsoever,” Ms Greene writes in her new book.

In February, Ms Greene defended her baseless conspiracy theory by claiming she did not know the Rothschild family is Jewish.

The US House of Representatives voted to strip Ms Greene of her committee assignments in 2021 following an uproar over comments in 2018 and 2019 that she supported executing prominent Democrats. She also faced backlash over comments she made about the Parkland school shooting.

In the book, which is set to be published on 21 November, Ms Greene also reportedly notes her support for military aid to Israel, and weapons such as the Iron Beam, a new laser missile defence system.

“So, it turns out I actually support Jewish space lasers,” she writes.