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Marc Spears on Ben Simmons, CP3 on the Warriors & The Conversations Project

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Marc Spears, Senior NBA Writer for ESPN and Andscape, joins Vincent Goodwill for a fun conversation about Ben Simmons’ physical and mental well-being, Marc’s show on Hulu and Chris Paul’s challenges in fitting in with the Golden State Warriors.

On this episode of Good Word with Goodwill, Vincent Goodwill is joined by Senior NBA Writer for ESPN and Andscape, Marc Spears.

After a brief conversation about the G-League Ignite, who are loaded with prospects that could end up in the lottery of next year’s NBA Draft, the guys discuss the topic of Marc’s latest article for Andscape: Ben Simmons. The former #1 overall pick, and three-time NBA All-Star, Simmons has moved his offseason home and changed his workout routines, with positive results. Simmons looks, feels and sounds like the player he was before having back surgery, but can he overcome his mental hurdles?

Marc recently launched The Conversations Project, a TV show centered around black people having intelligent conversation while eating their way through a three-course meal. He talks about how the show came to be and what his hopes are with it going forward.

Finally, being a Bay Area guy, Marc gets grilled by Vince on the Chris Paul experiment on the Golden State Warriors. Will he start? Will he be able to take a backseat to the established veterans that have won multiple titles without him? Or will the egos be too much for the team to handle?

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