Marathon runner stops to give thirsty koala a drink

It wasn’t just marathon runners who were thirsty during a 50km event in the Adelaide Hills on Sunday – a parched koala was caught on camera sharing a drink with race volunteers.

The koala was spotted around the 21km mark of the course, during the ultra-marathon at Cleland Wildlife Park.

Mark Cameron-Smith and Michelle Hanlin told 7 News the marsupial came down to the track towards them looking for a drink.

Marathon volunteer Michelle Hanlin shared water from her hydration vest with the koala, before reaching down for a pat. Source: Mark Cameron-Smith

The critter can be seen on video drinking water from Ms Hanlin’s hydration vest, before she reached down for a pat.

“We’ve got a bit of a friend,” Mr Cameron-Smith announced as his partner hydrated the koala along the track ahead.

“Thirsty boy,” he commented, as the animal took in an eager drink.

Ms Hanlin said her furry friend was so thirsty, it almost bit the tip off her straw.

The thirsty critter was spotted about half-way along the 50km marathon course, held at the Cleland Wildlife Park, in the Adelaide Hills. Source: Mark Cameron-Smith

After a decent drink the little fella made it pretty clear he’d had enough by swiping the good Samaritan away, before wandering towards the camera for a closer inspection.

“Hello gorgeous,” Mr Cameron-Smith greeted the koala as it ventured closer to him, before it head off back into the trees.

The pair told 7 News they spotted koala also wandering past another family around 500m ahead of them.

Other marathon competitors later shared video of about six kangaroos at the wildlife park that had “come to cheer us on.”