Marathon man's epic quest to step up support for voice

Pat Farmer is a man on a mission.

The ultramarathon runner and former Liberal MP has spent decades racing around the world in support of humanitarian causes.

His next big feat will be running 14,000 kilometres across Australia to step up support for an Indigenous voice to parliament.

Farmer will be completing close to two marathons a day for six months to rally support for the 'yes' campaign.

"There will be no days off," he told AAP.

His run will operate on a strict schedule, starting with a lap of Tasmania on April 3, before flying to Sydney and completing a lap of the country, finishing at Uluru.

The 60-year-old has been planning and training for his run for the voice since midway through last year.

His training has consisted of running 40km, seven days a week, followed by a gym session most afternoons.

"There's a lot going into just preparing my body, let alone all the logistical work that's going into making the run happen," Farmer said.

Farmer plans to have about one million people join him at different points of his journey.

"I will be running around the country and using my footsteps to be the thread to pull together all the communities throughout Australia," he said.

"What I am trying to do is encourage as many people as possible to run a kilometre with me even five kilometres with me into a particular town."

Farmer travelled to Canberra this week to meet Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney.

He is using Australia's love of sport to bring the country together in support of a yes vote.

"I truly believe that this will be a defining moment in Australia's history that will allow us to establish what our culture really is as Australians and give us the opportunity to show that to the world," he said.

The referendum will be held by the end of this year.