Man's words to girl before assaulting her may hold key to investigation

A predator who climbed through the window of an eight-year-old girl’s bedroom and indecently assaulted her used his words to try and gain her trust, police sources have told Seven News.

The girl was asleep in her bed at her home in Kingsford, in Sydney’s east, when a man entered her bedroom window just before 3am on Monday.

It took him 27 seconds to climb through, not wanting to make a sound as a protective mother was asleep in the other room.

He climbed onto her bed and left after just one-and-a-half minutes later.

The man tried to leave everything as he found it but the young victim spoke up and she revealed to police he said a few words to her during that time.

Police released the CCTV after a man entered a Kingsford property before indecently assaulting an eight-year-old girl. Source: NSW Police

Police sources revealed the words that were said to the girl but Seven News will not be publicising them for the sake of the investigation.

But the words have been described as a “repulsive way of trying to engender trust within his young victim”.

Earlier Eastern Beaches Police Superintendent Karen McCarthy said: “The young victim and her family have shown extreme courage in coming forward to the police.

“We are asking any member of the community that has seen anything suspicious to come forward, anything that was in the last two weeks.”

The two weeks is to span the possible time police suspect the predator might have been stalking his victim.

He appears to have known precisely where her room was, nothing inside the home was stolen, and it is believed to be targeted.

Eastern Beaches Police Superintendent Karen McCarthy. Source: 7 News

Neighbour Veronica Xu said she was so terrified by the ordeal she had to sleep in her housemate’s room.

“It’s really, really scary to think about,” she said.

The young girl told police he had an Australian or English accent and was about 170 to 180 centimetres tall, wearing a dark hoodie, cargo pants and a hat.

He was last seen running down Barker Street, towards McDonalds, in Kingsford.

Police want to catch the predator as soon as possible and anybody with information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.