Man warns others after encounter with dangerous creature at popular swimming spot

Groups planning to converge on a popular swimming spot over the Australia Day long weekend may want to think again after a man emerged covered in painful welts from being stung by a jellyfish.

The man went for a dip in the Noosa River in Queensland on Wednesday but paid an agonising price after accidentally swimming into the path of a jellyfish.

“Just a warning to people planning on swimming in the Noosa River. I went for a little swim to cool off as I usually do every day when I noticed a big brown jellyfish,” he wrote to a local Facebook group.

Man holds arm stung by jellyfish in Queensland's Noosa River.
The man displayed his red swollen injuries after being stung by a jellyfish in the Noosa River. Source: Facebook

He said by the time he noticed the animal, it was “too late” and it had already wrapped its tentacles around his arms and torso.

The man described it as “quite an uncomfortable experience” but fortunately was able to make a reasonably swift recovery.

“Nothing a hot shower and some white vinegar cant fix,” he said, also telling others to “be safe”.

It seemed he wasn’t the only Queenslander to recently have a run-in with a jellyfish, with others sharing photos of similar injuries and sharing where they had been caught out.

“My son got done today near the Pirate Park,” a woman replied on Wednesday. The park is another spot on the edge of the Noosa River.

Noosa River in Queensland pictured after man was stung by a jellyfish.
The man said he had gone for a dip in the Noosa River (pictured) when he was stung. Source: Google Maps/JayH Kim

Another child was stung in the same spot just a few days earlier, according to a woman who replied to the comment.

“Coolum Beach had thousands of those today,” someone else added on Thursday.

“I was also stung at Noosa Main Beach. The vinegar and shower worked for me too - back to normal overnight,” another person wrote.

A child's jellyfish sting also from the Noosa River. Source: Facebook
A child's jellyfish sting also from the Noosa River. Source: Facebook

“Yep my daughter got stung by a brown jelly last week in Noosa River. Left large welts from tentacles and was itchy for days,” someone else said on Friday.

Stings from jellyfish do not generally cause permanent harm, but they can be painful for people immediately after being stung.

By removing tentacles left by the jellyfish and dousing the affected body part in vinegar, or a product containing acetic acid, could alleviate pain and help prevent the release of more venom, according to a study published in The Medical Journal of Australia.

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