Man's touching reaction to being reunited with his dog after horror ordeal

A US man was thrilled to be reunited with his dog after it was stolen earlier this week.

Jonathan Justus of Tulsa, Oklahoma was robbed on Wednesday and thieves took off with a number of his belongings including his one-year-old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Charlie, News On 6 reports.

He told KTUL he realised his TV had been stolen, backdoor kicked in and Charlie was gone.

“It’s been very stressful on Penny [Mr Justus’s other dog] and me,” Mr Justus said.

Jonathan Justus has been reunited with his King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Charlie. Source: News On 6

He posted a number of appeals to find his “beloved Charlie” on Facebook with one of them shared more than 6,700 times.

“Anybody who can help with finding my dog will receive a cash reward,” he wrote.

However, while the thieves are yet to be caught and the belongings still missing, Charlie is back at home.

The dog was turned in to an animal clinic on Saturday.

Mr Justus with Penny (left) and Charlie sleeping on his lap. Source: News On 6

Mr Justus said “it’s the best thing” that could have happened. 

“It seems surreal you know it doesn’t seem like one, that something like that took place, but two, that it came to a happy ending. I’m glad it did I feel very blessed,” he said.