Man's tongue 'pierced by needle' when he bit into McDonald's burger

Shih Kai-hsiang, 27, began bleeding from his mouth and needed an emergency tetanus shot to prevent an infection.

He has posted images of the bent needle on social media and they have been liked over 21,000 times since.

The resident of Taiwan’s south-western Chiayi City said he picked up the fast-food meal on his way home from work and had his burger at home.

“I was eating the burger at home when the needle jabbed my tongue,” Shih said.

A customer says he got the shock of his life when he bit into his juicy Angus beef burger from McDonald’s and was pricked in the tongue by a needle. Source: AsiaWire/ Australscope

He added: “It hurt a lot and I started bleeding when I pulled the needle out.”

He took the evidence back to the Beigang Road branch and was immediately given a full refund, with a McDonald’s staff member also accompanying him to hospital for a check-up where he was given a tetanus shot.

McDonald’s, meanwhile, claims the needle is likely to have broken off one of its cleaning brushes during use.

The fast food giant has promised to improve staff training in order to avoid a similar incident.

A customer claims his tongue was pierced by a needle when he bit into his hamburger landing him in hospital and bleeding profusely. Source: AsiaWire/ Australscope

However, it is unclear whether McDonald’s plans to compensate Shih financially for his ordeal.

“I had such high expectations for McDonald’s quality control, but look where that got me,” he said.

Shih added: “Not good at all.”

– Australscope

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