Man's terrifying encounter inside restaurant bathroom

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A man using a restaurant bathroom has filmed the terrifying moment a python came through the ceiling.

Nop Powin, 35, was using the amenities at a restaurant in Phitsanulok, in northern Thailand, when he noticed the reptile dangling down from above.

The deadly reptile, estimated to be at least 2.4 metres long, had broke through the plasterboard roof and was peering around, looking for food.

Pictured are two stills from a video showing a python coming out of a bathroom ceiling in Thailand.
A man had a terrifying encounter with a python in the bathroom of a restaurant in Thailand. Source: Viral Press/Australscope

But after being disturbed, the creature appeared to get itself in a knot and was struggling to climb back through the small hole.

The 35-year-old watched in fear as the serpent tried to escape. He recorded it for more than four minutes before leaving and going to another room.

When he returned the snake had disappeared and the shop assistant now fears it could be lurking inside the building.

“I need the local snake catchers to come and find it, but nobody has been yet. I’m scared the snake could come back and attack me,” he said.

Pythons kill their victims by coiling around their bodies and suffocating them.

The python can then swallow the victim, very occasionally humans, whole for their meal.

– Australscope

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