Man's selfless act to save toddler on runaway three-wheeler

A shop owner has been hailed a hero after diving in front of a runaway three-wheeler to rescue a two-year-old girl dangling off the side.

Heart-stopping CCTV video, captured in Kaifeng City in central China’s Henan Province on May 19, shows the vehicle with a small girl hanging off the handlebars, speeding towards a wall.

The man, named Yuan Xuhao, runs to the vehicle and tries to use his body to stop it.

Yuan rushed to the girls aid, leaping in front of the out-of-control vehicle. Source: Newsflare

According to reports, the girl’s parents had gone to buy some things and left her alone with the vehicle.

The key had been left in the ignition and the girl started it by grabbing the handlebar.

Yuan saw the three-wheeler spring into action as he repaired a car in front of his shop.

Yuan suffered minor injuries as well as losing two teeth. Remarkably, the young girl was unharmed. Source: Newsflare

He heard the commotion of others shouting there was a girl hanging on, before rushing to her rescue.

Yuan suffered several scratches and his two front teeth came loose, while the little girl walked away unscathed.

The clip of Yuan’s selfless actions has gone viral on Chinese social media with thousands praising him.