Man receives 'beyond ridiculous' note from neighbour about his laundry

A resident in an affluent neighbourhood was dumbfounded by a letter requesting that he cease hanging his “rather unsightly” washing outside.

Tom Squires said he woke on Saturday morning to a particularly passive-aggressive printed note slipped through the door of his Harborne home, in Birmingham.

The brash notice claimed to be from a residents group of Clarence Road, the street he lives on.

“On behalf of all residents of Clarence Road please would you kindly take your laundry out of the public view as it is rather unsightly and unpleasant,” it stated.

“Many thanks, Clarence Road Residents Group.”

The note (right) asked that Mr Squires not hang his "unsightly" laundry in public view. Left is a file picture of clothes hanging on a washing line. Source: Getty Images/Facebook

Mr Squires seemed equally as disgruntled in response, taking to social media in search of information on the so-called “residents group”.

“Good morning, does anyone have any contact details for Clarence Road Residents’ Group?,” he wrote to a local community group page.

“We’ve awoken to find a note posted through our door and would like to speak to them. Thanks in advance.”

Other social media users weighed in with their opinions, many slamming the author of the note for their method of policing, and stating they were convinced the “group” was made-up.

“They have no right to tell you what you can or cannot hang outside your home,” someone wrote in a comment.

The authenticity of the letter's author was questioned, as no one had heard of the residents' group before. Source: File/Getty Images

“Do people have nothing else better to do than perv on your washing? Hang your washing where ever you want,” another person said.

In an additional comment to his post, Mr Squires said he was still eager to chat with the author of the note.

“Thank you everyone for your comments and support, especially from the wonderful people on our road who we love living alongside,” he said.

“We haven’t heard from the residents’ group but as I teach my students at school, it’s always better to resolve objections/conflict through dialogue, so if you would like to discuss further please feel free to knock.”

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