Man's note to cashier saves him from kidnappers demanding $70k

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A man who was kidnapped by criminals and forced to withdraw nearly $70,000 at the bank has managed to alert cashiers by scribbling “help me” on a withdrawal slip.

The incident took place in the city of Puente Alto in the Chilean province of Cordillera on November 22.

According to the news site Milenio, the victim, whose name was not reported, was abducted in the street by two men and taken to a hideout in the area of Bajos de Mena where he spent several hours tied up with a bag over his head.

The two men then allegedly threatened the victim’s life unless he agreed to withdraw CLP 40 million (A$69,000) from his bank.

The note translates as 'I am under threat, help me
The note translates as 'I am under threat, help me". Source: Newsflash/ Australscope

The victim reluctantly agreed to the demand and was taken to his bank where he was expected to withdraw the sum.

However, the man had other ideas, and scribbled on the bank slip “I am under threat” and “help me”.

The bank cashier immediately notified the authorities and the cops arrived on the scene.

According to Milenio, the police managed to arrest both suspects as they attempted to flee the scene.

Both men remain in custody as the investigation continues.

-Australscope/ Newsflash

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