Man’s ‘miracle’ after being run over by own car: ‘Lucky to be alive'

Jinwoo Song, 30, was unloading groceries metres away from his car in Melbourne when a thief seized the opportunity to drive off in the Ford Escape.

Jinwoo Song at the edge of the car's bonnet trying to hold on as it is driven towards him in Hardware Lane. Right: Jinwoo Song talks to camera wearing a black t-shirt (left).
Jinwoo Song was run over by his own car after he tried to stop a thief from stealing it in central Melbourne last Thursday. Source: 9News/Herald Sun

A man who was run over by his own car is lucky to be alive after his head and chest were driven over by an opportunistic thief stealing his car.

Jinwoo Song, 30, left his Ford Escape's engine running as he unloaded groceries metres away with his partner BiBi Kim in central Melbourne last Thursday. However, a man walking past spotted the unsupervised car and decided to steal it, collapsing his electric scooter and putting it in the backseat before getting behind the wheel.

In a desperate attempt to stop him, Song stood in front of the car as his partner ran towards the driver. However, the man continued to drive forward and the car hit Song, forcing him to cling to the bonnet before he lost his grip and was run over.

"The tyre was coming over my head, and arms, and my chest here. Because I was rolled I thought, 'I'm gonna be dead, I'm gonna be dead'," Song told 9News.

Bystanders rushed to Song's side, two of which happened to be doctors, and they were able to offer him life-saving assistance in the vital seconds after the incident.

Jinwoo Song trying to stop the thief from stealing the car (left) and his chest covered in large bruises (right) in a Melbourne hospital.
Song suffered a broken sternum and was left covered in bruises after the incident in Melbourne. Source: Herald Sun/9News

"He [the doctor] said, 'You are in a very serious situation, but you can do it. Just don't move and keep talking'," Song recalled. His partner watched on in horror, admitting she often replays the nightmare scene in her head after witnessing it.

He was transported to Royal Melbourne Hospital where he remained for four days, covered in bruises and suffering a broken sternum. The doctors said it was a "miracle" he was alive. "You're very lucky, but unlucky'," the doctor said to Song.

Song has since been discharged but has a long recovery ahead of him, with police still searching for the offender and the vehicle.

"I'm going to try to live this second life meaningfully," Song said.

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