Man's fatal home invasion trial nears end

Margaret Scheikowski

Jurors have been urged to reject the evidence of the two key crown witnesses at the trial of a man accused of two violent home invasions, one of which left a Sydney pig farmer dead.

Their evidence, implicating Ryan David Evans in the crimes, could not be trusted or relied on, his lawyer Robert Webb said in the defence final submissions on Wednesday.

Evans, 28, has pleaded not guilty to seven charges, the first set relating to a home invasion in April 2014 when Brett Delamont was beaten with a pick handle in his bed in Medway in the NSW Southern Highlands.

Evans also denies murdering pig farmer Keith Cini and trying to murder Mr Cini's partner Lucina Boldi in their Badgerys Creek home in the early hours of May 30, 2014.

Both home invasions were carried out by masked intruders.

The jury has heard evidence from two of Evans' former friends, who cannot be identified.

One said he saw Evans hit Mr Delamont, while the second said he saw him hit Mr Cini and Ms Boldi.

Mr Webb referred to the "self-serving nonsense" told by the first witness, who denied minimising his involvement in the Medway attack to get a reduced prison sentence.

"It is a reasonable possibility that (that witness) struck Mr Delamont," he said.

The witness lied when he told the jury he was not armed and when he said he did not think they were going to go inside the house, he said.

The witness asserted he thought they were there to steal agricultural equipment from outside the house, but Mr Webb invited the jury to find this was a "patent falsehood".

The heavy equipment and machinery, which included a bobcat, was far too big to be carried in the car used by the intruders, he said.

"It is part of the defence case that (the second witness) you would not trust or rely on what he said because (he) is getting a benefit for giving his evidence," Mr Webb said.

He submitted the jury would reject his evidence about Ryan Evans being present at the Badgerys Creek house.

The trial is continuing.